These are some of my friends. I also have a sister named Puddy who lives in Florida.


This is my friend Cedar Mann. You might think that Cedar is a boy, but she is a girl named after Cedar Lake. Cedar and I walk together every night at 10PM.



This is Bruiser. He is really cool and I want to be just like him. This is his 1996 Christmas picture. He also has a sister named Abby. 




This is my friend Bohnie. She is standing up because she is not very tall. Just because she is little, though, doesn't mean she is afraid to play with us big guys. She is also well known for her scary halloween costumes.








This is my old girlfriend Lucy. She used to live near me and walked with me and Cedar every night. Then Lucy moved away. We sure miss her but I think she might come back to visit.

This is Rocky. I haven't met him in person yet, but he looks like a real nice guy and I think I would like to play with him. His friends, Bill and Ann Marie, taught him to use the computer so we are email buddies.  



Here I am sitting outside with my new girlfriend Murphy. We are just soaking up some sun.



Here is my human friend, Adam Bazelon. He loves goldens so much he has two. They are Yogi and Barney.



This is Cheyenne. She was adopted from the same lockup where I was incarcerated. Cheyenne is real lucky because she lives with Karol Peterson at a place called Deertrack in Marquette, MI.








This is my friend Calvin and his family. He is just like one of the kids except he is such a good dog that he never gets in trouble. Calvin and Steve walk at 10 PM every night with me and Cedar.


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