Here are Chuck and Susan. They rescued me from the Humane Society in February of 1993 when I was just one-year-old. It is still a mystery how a nice pup like me came to be incarcerated but I was sure glad to be sprung.


They even freed me from the lockup in Marquette, MI. They should have arrested those kids playing with the scarey fireworks!



If you have seen my sister, Puddy, and met some of my friends and been to my favorite place you can see that life has turned out quite nice for me but not all dogs and other animals are as lucky. If you are considering getting a pet, please consider adopting some poor orphan. The following links may help you find the next member of your family.


The Golden Retriever Page

Save A Pet Online

Dane County Humane Society

St Francis Animal Rescue

Canine Companions


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